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Welcome to Trainer Hub, Australia's go-to destination for Pokémon enthusiasts. Since our inception as a hub for Pokémon Go players in 2017, we've evolved into a leading supplier of Pokemon Card products and Pokemon Plushies, catering to collectors and fans Australia wide.

Explore our extensive range of Pokemon TCG (Trading Card Game) essentials, from sought-after individual Pokemon cards to genuine Pokemon Booster Packs, Booster Boxes and Elite Trainer Boxes. Protect your collection with our great range of accessories and learn about the world of Pokemon with our growing resources. Our selection is designed to meet the needs of every trainer, whether you're looking to battle or complete your collection.

But we're not just about the pokemon cards. Dive into our adorable world of Pokemon Plush and, where your favorite characters come to life as Pokemon Centre Japan Pokemon Plushies. These cuddly companions are perfect for fans of all ages, making them a top pick among our offerings.

At Trainer Hub, we're committed to providing the highest quality Pokemon collectibles, from Booster Packs to Japanese Pokemon Plush. Whether you're in Australia, New Zealand or beyond, join us in celebrating the joy of Pokemon collecting.